Monday, November 8, 2010

Next Generation Banking using Analytics

Next generation banking will be all about customer experience management. Customer experience management is all about improving customer experience at every touch point. Business Analytics can help point the way to what needs to be done at every touch point.

In India, majority of people prefer to go to branch to perform banking operations. One can improve branch banking experience of customer by embeding analytics into their day to day operations.

Example of next generation of banking
As soon  as customer enters into bank's branch, a biometric scan is done to identify customer. By the time customer reaches customer service counter, a segementation analysis is done and he is directed to appropriate customer service agent based on results of segemetation analysis and nature of his request. By the time customer reaches customer service agent desk, CSA will have status of complaints registered by customer in last 60 days, propensity of buying and propable list of products that a customer can buy based on segementation and cross sell/up sell analysis on his desktop. CSA will also have list of offers based on current credit score of a customer. CSA can offer products based on sentiment score of a customer which is determined by analyzing all email and phone communications with customer in last 30 days. While customer request is being addressed, CSA has all necessary information to sell another product or address their requirements more effectively.

To summarise, I believe what CEM is all about is proactively managing the customer experience during every visit to branch, and then doing the same for more channels as they gain in popularity. Just imagine a scenario wherein you do not have to wait in long queue at branch, your queries are addressed effectively as CSA is better informed and your queries are resolved in less time as CSA are asking specific questions to uncover issue. I think that like me, most people would react very positively to all of these and similar features.

To embed business analytics into day to day operations, you need to have scalable analytics solutions which can give you results within few seconds after analyzing million of records. There are several vendors in market who offers In database and In Memory analytics. There technologies are scalable and capable of delivering desired results on large set of data within accetable performance timelines.


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