Monday, November 30, 2009

Information Overload & BI

In these difficult times we live in, when resources seem scarce, there is still one thing that is widely and abundantly available: information. According to the most recent statistics, the amount of information created annually by businesses and organizations, paper and digital combined, is growing at a rate of more than 65%. The amount of digital information being created in the world and distributed in emails, instant messages, blog posts, new Web pages, digital phone calls, podcasts and so on, will increase 10-fold over the next five years. The one fact that stands out is this: The growth of information is relentless.

There is too much of infornation available in various forms. Is it information Overload? or is it failure of Information filter? There is so much of information out there that one can't browse through every possible bit of information. Business Intelligence systems can play a very important role here. It can act as a information filter. It can provide information which is very critical and must need your attention. In today's world when someone have hundred's of KPIs to monitor, BI system can help to identify only those KPIs which needs immediate attention.One can start his day with BI portal. Typically, one follows the following routine
  • Check Emails
  • Check Calendar(Meeting Schedule)
  • Check Important News/stocks
  • Check Most critical KPIs
  • Prepare To-Do List for a day
  • Prepare/View status reports
  • Collabrate with collegues using Enterprise messenger
BI Portal can integrate all of the above information and show them on single UI. One need not to log into 5 different systems to perform the above tasks. Business Users will start their day with Business Intelligence system. Business users will also be able to relate some of emails/news with status of most critical KPIs. BI system can be tightly integrated with content categorization tool which can ensure that only relavent information is delivered to users as per their role and choice. Content categorization tool can also categorized documents/news as per meaning of the document/news items. This can help users to weed out information which is not useful. It saves users a lot of time from browsing through every possible infomation.

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