Sunday, November 8, 2009

Task Based Intelligence

I was working on "Task Based Intelligence" concept few years ago. The idea was to integrate BI with operational systems. E.g when someone is creating a purchase order in ERP system, he will be able to see scorecard of a supplier without going to a seperate interface or application. The supplier scorecard is embedded into PO application. This will not only prevent PO going to a black listed supplier, but also gives flexibility to users to select supplier based on priority at that point in time. The supplier can be selected based on score which is determined based on the various parameters such as lead time, On time delivery performance, price & quality of supply(Rejection Rate).

The same concept can be applicable to banking industry as well. While granting a loan or credit card to an individual, the bank officer will be able to see application and behaviour score on LOS system. This will help him take more informed decision.

Discount coupons can be printed @ATM machines based on the amount withdrawn from ATM at that point in time. Just imagine a scenario wherein a discount coupon for a digital camera is printed @ATM machine when 10000 Rs is withdrawn from ATM. Competition is increasing day by day in every industry vertical. Margin is going down day by day. I won't be surprised if the bank starts selling cricket match ticket or flight tickets in near future to share the cost of infrastructure and therefore increase profitability of each branch & ATM.

In retail, discount coupons can be printed based on items bought by customer at that point in time. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but also ensure that the customer returns to store for more purchases in near future. Customer loyalty program is in very nascent stage in India. Hence such intelligence embedded into operational system will definitely help retailer to increase revenue per customer.

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